Meet the Scientist – October 24th



Mon 24th Oct 11.30am – 12pm
Meet the…
Dr Teresa Corbett

Healthy body, healthy mind: What we can learn from Health Psychology

As a Psychologist, Teresa uses her skills to understand how people think, feel and behave. Teresa is especially interested in how we can support people to stay healthy. This might include doing more exercise or eating healthy foods. Sometimes it involves talking about our feelings or spending time with our friends. Teresa will explain what Psychologists do.

Here are some optional questions for you to try and answer before the webinar:

What does it mean to be healthy?

How do thoughts impact our health?

What can we do to stay healthy?

Meet the Scientist’ is part of the START initiative – a national competition challenging primary schools to create their very own randomised control trial. START is recognised by teachers as a ‘unique teaching tool’ allowing children to collaborate and enjoy a structured problem solving approach. Visit www.STARTcompetition. com to get your school involved.

Need Support?

Contact one of START Clinical Trial Ambassadors who are happy to help you with any queries.
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