Meet the Scientist – November 7th



Mon 7th November - 11.30am – 12pm
Meet the…
Prof Alistair Nichol

What! Doctors try new treatments on patients to see if they work and are safe?

Alistair is an Intensive Care Doctor in St Vincent’s Hospital Dublin, and a Professor in University College Dublin. He looks after patients who are very sick with organ failure in intensive care, Alistair develops and tests new treatments to see if the y can help people recover from illness and go back to their normal lives sooner.

Here are some optional questions for you to try and answer before the webinar:

Do you think doctors are scientists or not?

Why do doctors not always know for sure what the best treatment is?

Why would I take part in an experiment (trial) to see what the best treatment is?

Meet the Scientist’ is part of the START initiative – a national competition challenging primary schools to create their very own randomised control trial. START is recognised by teachers as a ‘unique teaching tool’ allowing children to collaborate and enjoy a structured problem solving approach. Visit www.STARTcompetition. com to get your school involved.

Need Support?

Contact one of START Clinical Trial Ambassadors who are happy to help you with any queries.
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