Meet the Scientist – March 8th



Tues 8th March - 11.30am – 12pm
Meet the…
Dr Michelle Roche

Neuroscience: understanding how the brain works

Michelle loves puzzles and one of the biggest puzzles of all is how the brain works. Neuroscientists work to try to solve this very large puzzle. As a Neuroscientist, Michelle is especially interested in what happens in the brain when we are stressed, sad or in pain, and how to stop this to make us feel better. Michelle will talk about what Neuroscientists do.

Here are some optional questions for you to try and answer before the webinar:

What is the brain made of?

What happens in the brain when we are happy?

How do we know when something is painful?

Meet the Scientist’ is part of the START initiative – a national competition challenging primary schools to create their very own randomised control trial. START is recognised by teachers as a ‘unique teaching tool’ allowing children to collaborate and enjoy a structured problem solving approach. Visit www.STARTcompetition. com to get your school involved.

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