Meet the Scientist – Dr Marina Zaki



Wednesday 29th November 2023
12pm - 12:30pm
Meet the…
Blood Collector!
Dr Marina Zaki

Meet Marina, a blood collector!

Marina is a research scientist that works in a ‘Biobank’. Marina loves to chat! She uses her chatting skills to talk to patients in a hospital about whether they would like to donate some biological samples (for example, blood) to a Biobank Freezer, so that her scientist friends can eventually do cool experiments on these samples. In this presentation, Marina is going to chat about what a Biobank is, why they are important in scientific research and how she gets permission from patients to use their health information.

Meet the Scientist’ is part of the START initiative – a national competition challenging primary schools to create their very own randomised control trial. START is recognised by teachers as a ‘unique teaching tool’ allowing children to collaborate and enjoy a structured problem solving approach. Visit www.STARTcompetition. com to get your school involved.

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